Preview | Tapes & Wires Release Show

The fact that Fault Lines evolved out of local garage-pop group the Angry Orts (the Orts are no more, but founding guitarist Arron Ettlin and singer Sara Hernandez both made the jump) puts me at ease. Their amazingly catchy debut album Tapes and Wires would be a terrifying statement from a newly formed band, but given the history here, it's merely scary good. "Kirstie Alley" opens the album with a crunchy guitar riff that paves the way for Hernandez's sweeping vocals and sincere lyrics, which shine the entire length of the album. Larry Crane, who produced the album here in town at Jackpot! Recording, can add yet another exceptional voice to a résumé that already includes Corin Tucker and Jenny Lewis (both spring to mind upon hearing Tapes and Wires). We're halfway into 2013 and Fault Lines have just issued one of the finest releases of the year. Come celebrate it tonight.